22 March 2012

VRV Ornago featured in Mammoet Road Cargo “Inside” Magazine

Mammoet Road Cargo, one of the regular suppliers of VRV had interviewed Roberta Minute who handles customer service at VRV Ornago recently. The interview was featured in the Mammoet’s monthly magazine – Inside.

Interview Ms. Minute, VRV Ornago
VRV an international industrial company that designs and manufactures pressure equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, power and cryogenic industries.

VRV S.p.A. is organized into 2 divisions:

  • Energy & Petrochemical Division
  • Cryogenic Division

For more than 50 years, the Cryogenic Division activity ranges from industrial, electric, medical and special applications to static and mobile, standard and engineered tanks, with perlite and super-insulated technology. The division is applying innovative procedures for the manufacture of equipment for the storage, transport and distribution of liquefied gases. The production sites are located in Italy, France and India. The commercial offices are located in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India (Mumbai), Malaysia and Brazil. The tanks with a capacity of 3,000 to 60,000 litres (from 18 to 37 bar) belong to the range that are of interest for Mammoet Road Cargo. The headquarters are located in Ornago, Italy. This is the location where our contact, Ms. Minute, works in the Customer Service Department.

Ms. Minute says: “Together with my colleague I am responsible for the coordination around the orders of our customers. From receipt of the order to the delivery. We therefore have contact with various departments within our company, such as sales, production and accountingfor an optimal process. Most tanks are sold ex-works and then they in fact have to organize transport themselves. But it is increasingly common that they ask if we could organize the transport for them. In that case, we have contact with transport companies. We find it important that such a company is trustworthy, that we receive answers quickly and that our tanks are handled with care. In addition, it is important that a long-term authorization is available for the transport of the large tanks (out of gauge) and, of course, the price must be good. With Mammoet Road Cargo, these conditions are met. My questions are quickly answered and in case of problems we are kept informed of developments so that we are able to tell our customer about the status of the transport of their tank. The requests from our Purchasing Department should be better explained when they are rejected and a damage of a couple of years ago is not handled completely to our satisfaction (these matters are of course immediately taken care of). But my experience is that we have a good cooperation with Mammoet Road Cargo.