23 September 2011

VRV delivers on Major LNG project: High Performance & Safety

VRV was awarded a contract with Polargas for the supply of a specially designed LNG Trailer, optimised for a 44 ton GVW with a total capacity of 52,000 litres. Equipped with a hydraulic pumping system and flow meter, the design of the LNG semi-traileris based on the proven technology of VRV cryogenic semi-trailer, with robust stainless steel design including outer vessel, piping and valves. This model is part of a complete range of LNG trailers optimised for 38 to 50 ton GVW regulations.

High Performance with Safety as a Priority

VRV policy is to provide the safest equipment available and to offer an excellent payload at a competitive price; these LNG trailers are also tested and certified ATEX (explosion-proof) by a Notified Body and marked in compliance with the Directive 94/9/EC.  VRV was chosen by Polargas based on its experience as a recognised leader in super-insulated cryogenic semi-trailers, and its expertise with the European TPED and ATEX regulations.

Multi-Layer Super-Insulation

The LNG trailers are constructed using innovative multi-layer super-insulation with high-performance vacuum.  In addition to minimising LNG evaporation, this technology also increases payload by more than a ton versus perlite insulated trailers, previously a common solution used for LNG trailers and abandoned decades ago by the industrial gas industry.The trend is now being set in the LNG transport industry, as most major European LNG players are now opting for the advantages of multi-layer super-insulated trailers. “VRV is proud to offer one of the largest and safest LNG trailers in the industry.  This contract strengthens our position and allows us to build on our expertise in the LNG storage and transport market”, says Michael Blondin, Global Sales & Marketing Director.