19 December 2011

VRV conducts 2nd Global Cryogenic Meeting

In the week of 12th December 2011, sales representatives from across the world gathered at the VRV headquarters in Italy. The occasion was the 2nd Annual Global Cryogenic Meeting and gave VRV technical and sales executives the opportunity to review 2011 results and set targets and action plans for 2012. 1415th were days of intensive planning, understanding customer demands and global markets and discussion of the trends in the global equipment market.

The VRV Group Cryogenic Division CEO – Federico Spada and the Group General Manager, Fabio Villa, started the proceedings on day 1 with the welcome to the meeting, followed by the Management presentation. After this, Michael Blondin, Global Sales and Marketing Director – of the VRV Cryogenic Division started the product presentation ranges with a discussion on the advantages of VRV products and product lines. The first day was devoted to product presentations and the second to the success stories from 2011 and targeted actions plans for 2012.  From the achievements of the previous years, the current state of the global economy and its impact on companies to the focus areas on product lines in the next 5 years, it was all discussed. At the end of the two days, the sales team emerged renewed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the New Year and take VRV to the next level.