17 June 2013

Collecting bottle caps for humanitarian causes

“Great actions are made of small gestures” – Lao Tzu

At VRV social responsibility is something that we practice everyday, not just in the big decisions, but also in the small ones. A sense of Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to who we are and a part of the way we do business. This year we combine sustainability and charity in an initiative to help people.

All the bottle caps that are discarded across the company in Ornago will be collected through various collection boxes that have been set up across the company . These caps will then be sent to Fondazione Bevilacqua Rizzi, ( ) a foundation located in Cremona that takes care of the elderly people.  A recycling company in turn will pick up the caps from the foundation and the money arising from recycling will be used for a welfare activity for the residents.

Fondazione Bevilacqua Rizzi was  one of the suggestions in response to an email sent out to all employees of VRV sent out in February 2013 explaining the concept and requesting suggestions as to who the beneficiary of the funds could be. The responses that that came in were evaluated and the foundation was shortlisted.

We request all our employees to contribute to this initiative by ensuring that all the used bottle caps are dropped in the collection boxes.
Help us bring a smile to the face of an elder.