13 March 2017

5th​ Global Sales Meeting

In March 2017 the 5th Global Sales Meeting took place.

Representing 12 different countries and nationalities, the entire VRV Global Sales Team gathered at VRV headquarters in Italy for the 5th Global Sales Meeting focusing on Success stories 2016 – Targets, Market Analysis, Competitors and 2017 Growth Action Plan.

This year, the invitation to attend the meeting has been extended to the colleagues of the E&P Sales Division and to the Sales Team of IMB.

The meeting has been an opportunity to review 2016 results and set targets, market analysis and growth action plans for 2017. The 5 days together were intensive but very fruitful to allow the Sales Team to discuss and align priorities for the coming challenges.

The meeting closed with the traditional Global Sales Team photo, presentation and distribution of Massimiliano Spada’s Monography, Matriculation Number 264 the Story of a “Martinin” and final dinner.