The VRV Group was founded in 1956 by three artisans who worked in a small Milan-based workshop that dealt with maintenance and repair within the pharmaceutical industry. In 1974 the company started exploring the concept of expanding the company outside its scope of application, looking at maintenance and repair outside the pharmaceutical industry which was what the company catered to till then. Within just a year, the company began to take on a new shape and interest started flowing in from clients… it was time to move out of Milan to Ornago, where the rest of the development of the company manufacturing facility was due to take place. In 1975, the first 3 pieces of cryogenic equipment, completely manufactured by VRV were sold and then there was no turning back for the Cryogenic Division. After this order, 80 pieces of cryogenic equipment were manufactured, in line with the vision to start manufacturing on an industrial scale and this is the policy that is followed in the Cryogenic Division even today.

Things were also active on other fronts. The late 1970’s was a tumultuous period for the Italian economy with economic growth slowing down and the political turmoil and the oil crisis of 1979. In contrast, in 1978 at VRV the first large pressure vessel for a caprolactam plant was manufactured and sent to the USSR (now Russia). After this, the Energy & Petrochemical Division continued to manufacture tailor-made, medium and high pressure equipment like reactors, heat exchangers, columns and special vessels. Over 90% of these are exported across the globe today.

In 1985 VRV ventured into yet another business and developed the Flash Technology. This became the cornerstone of the Process and Equipment business line which today specializes in the design, manufacture and start-up of complete units for drying, reaction and granulation of products under different forms.

Today the VRV Group is a diversified multinational corporation made up of several companies with highly automated, purpose-built facilities for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment, namely:

  • VRV S.r.L., Ornago, Italy
  • CRYO DIFFUSION S.A.S., Léry, France
  • VRV Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India
  • FEMA S.r.l., Busto Arsizio, Italy
  • Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnolo, Bagnolo Cremasco, Italy

VRV S.r.L. established in 1956 and headquartered in Ornago, near Milan is organized into two divisions, the Cryogenic Division and the Energy & Petrochemical Division. Today VRV is one of the leading global manufacturers in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art pressure equipment for the cryogenic, petrochemical, refining, energy and fertilizer industries.
VRV exports the majority of its products to the world’s largest industrial companies worldwide.

CRYO DIFFUSION S.A.S., established in 1965 and part of the VRV Group since 2001, specializes in the design and manufacture of vacuum super-insulated cryogenic equipment for liquefied gases, with focus on products for long-term cryogenic preservation of biological samples, including a wide range of transportable super-insulated nitrogen tanks for laboratories, industries and oil field service applications and turnkey Cryobank Management Systems with fully automated controls. CRYO DIFFUSION has extensive experience in high value engineered products such as cryostats and valve boxes for scientific and industrial research.

VRV Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd., established in 2008 and based in Chennai (India), specializes in the design and manufacture of pressure equipment, applying the same technology, manufacturing processes and standards of the Group.

FEMA S.r.l., established in 1952 and part of the VRV Group since 2010, specializes in the design and manufacture of safety, control and actuated valves for the cryogenic industry, as well as safety and changeover valves for oil and gas and petrochemical plants. FEMA is also involved in aerospace production as a supplier of safety and check valves that are installed over the propulsion lines of launching pads (Ariane, Vega and Soyuz projects).

Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnolo S.r.l., member of the VRV Group since 1st October 2015, was established in 1961 and has been developing its capacity and fabrication techniques to become a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for the Oil, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries. IMB scope of supply includes LUMMUS ADVANCED BREECH-LOCK EXCHANGER® Heat Exchanger, HELIXCHANGER® Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchangers up to 200 metric-tons weight, Hairpin type Multi-Tube/Double-Pipe Heat Exchangers, Tank Heaters.


The past few years have been eventful for the VRV Group. The VRV family has been growing by leaps and bounds and today encompasses approximately 400 employees spread over 8 countries and 2 continents with 6 manufacturing facilities between Italy, France and India and commercial offices in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India (Mumbai), Malaysia, Brazil and North America.
Each branch of the Company contributes uniquely in its own way to the whole of the company and the principle that the company has always followed – that of continuously improving in all its fields holds truer than ever. Despite the different culture and geographical distance, the Group continues to maintain its cohesiveness, to stand together as one and implement the principles set in place over half a century ago.
The Group has always been quick to capitalize on growth opportunities, be it in Europe where VRV are headquartered or Asia where the newest production site is. The philosophy that the Group has always stood by is continuous improvement, a ceaseless effort to consistently improve products, services and processes.
The story of the Company has been dedicated to its growth, with a special attention and focus on the international markets, the new technologies, sophisticated and high level products. The technical competence, the rational use of the company resources and the readiness to approach new problems are among the characteristics that VRV customers most appreciate.