8 September 2016

VRV exhibits at ERS 2016, London

The ERS Congress showcases a wealth of information on all aspects of respiratory health and disease, as well as an innovative educational program that drives standards in respiratory care through essential training opportunities.

The ERS is a yearly event in which experts, manufacturers and professionals can share their knowledge and experience; it is also an important opportunity to meet with consolidated clients and to feed the network of this application.

VRV is a regular attendee of the ERS Congress and this year it was held in London from 3rd to 7th September.

VRV exposed all their products for oxygen therapy, in particular the base units Easylox, from 30 to 45 liters, and the portable units of 1.2 liters.
VRV is also the only distributor for the Esco2rt® , the triggered portable units manufactured by Essex Industries.
VRV is always looking for improvements in quality and reliability of their existing products, thanks to constant interaction between end-users and experts, with the mutual aim to guarantee a better life.