Sustainability, a way of life

“The need for truly sustainable options for 21st century life is one of the most critical challenges facing the global community. As time passes, it is increasingly fundamental to give back the globe that has been sustaining us for so long, what we take and keep in mind that every single thing we do daily has an impact on the planet.”

From our manufacturing processes, to the emphasis on clean energy, to sustained commitment and investment to be eco-friendly, we at VRV are making a concerted effort towards making sustainability a conscious choice, to make sure that we do today all we can to keep the promise of a better future. We are aware that sustainability is a conscious choice.
At VRV S.r.L., polysilicon panels have been installed to ensure that part of the power required for the manufacturing facility comes from solar power.
Several small efforts are part of our daily routine, thus making corporate responsibility and sustainability our lifestyle.
Employees are encouraged to reduce any type of waste, to resort to the use of recycled paper, to print less and to collect bottle caps, whose proceeds are assigned to AriSLA, Italian Foundation for Research on ALS (Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis) to fund research projects on this neurodegenerative disease.