Solvent Stripper Column

  • Base material – Shell Side: A 240 UNS S 32205 (Duplex)
  • I.D. [mm]: 5,000
  • Tangent [mm]: 8,060
  • Thk [mm]: 15
  • Weight [ton]: 23
  • Quantity: 1

VRV developed and supplied several components for PTA production plants worldwide in accordance with the INVISTA license and specification. In particular, VRV supplied the following types of equipment:

  • Solvent Dehydration Column
  • High Pressure Dissolver
  • Crystallizer

The Solvent Dehydration Column and the Crystallizer are usually fabricated in solid duplex stainless steel Tp 2205, while the High Pressure Dissolver is fabricated in low-alloy steel, weld overlaid in stainless steel Tp 347.