Polysilicon Technology

Polysilicon can be produced by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), mixing Trichlorosilane (SiHCl3) and Hydrogen (H2) in a reactor at extremely high temperature (up to 1150 Celsius degrees) through the deposition of Silicium on a filament run by electric current. VRV has been the leading manufacturer of CVD Reactors and STC Converters for the last 25 years with the supply of more than 400 reactors and has the strongest track record for this type of equipment supplied in the past 5 years to the PolySilicon industry. Over the years, due to the market demand for more efficiency and reduced power consumption in the production of polysilicon, VRV has developed, designed and supplied new reactors with production capacity of over 600 ton per year.

In addition to the equipment, VRV can deliver Process Design Package (PDP), which can be converted into Basic and Detail Design by any qualified EPC contractor.

  • 35+ years “hands-on” experience in the Development & Scale-up of CVD Reactors
  • 1980: CVD Reactor prototype design, fabrication & testing
  • 2003: 36R CVD Reactor design, fabrication (first company worldwide)
  • 2007: 48 CVD Reactor Fabrication
  • 2010: 54R CVD Reactor Design Fabrication
  • 2014: 96R CVD Reactor Design Fabrication
  • 400+ CVD Reactors supplied worldwide
  • In house CVD Process Simulator
  • Able to design CVD reactors tailored to the client’s needs
  • In house design and fabrication of auxiliary equipment and modules
  • Top Class Fabrication MADE IN ITALY


CVD Reactor Expected Performances U.M. 36R 54R 96R
Filament length mm 2,500 2,500 2,500
Rod diameter mm 125 142 142
Deposition rate kg/h 39,5 67 ≥ 100
Batch weight kg 2300 4700 8300
Specific Power Consumption kWh/kg poly 65 ≤ 55 ≤ 40
Cycle time hours 80 – 90 85 – 95 85 – 100
Reactor Capacity MTY 230 400 ≥ 600

The lowest possible polysilicon production cost can be achieved only if each Auxiliary Process Unit, like the STC Converters, can instantly follow the requirements dictated by the CVD Reactors in terms of operating capacity. This is easy to achieve with our 30R STC Converter, a powerful Siemens-type Converter with proven Technology; the operating capacity can be easily adjusted in case of need.

In addition, VRV supplies the Client with drawings and specifications of the graphite internals (heating rods and shields): the Client is free to purchase the graphite internals on the market and is not compelled to purchase them through VRV.


  • Depth of understanding from having developed the technology over decades. We have personally developed the technology we are offering;
  • Our unique process know-how will allow to maximize your plant performance to its full potential in the shortest possible time;
  • We can design and supply ANY type of TCS-based Siemens type CVD reactor;
  • Unique experience in troubleshooting in polysilicon facilities;
  • Delivery of Process Design Packages (PDP) covering all the process sections having impact on safety, capacity, product quality and production cost. Our PDPs allow a qualified EPC contractor to design the associated section.
    • CVD Reactor with Ancillary facilities (Filament Production, Product Handling, Heat Recovery)
    • STC Converter
    • TCS Production & Purification (up to electronic grade)
    • Hydrogen Purification (up to electronic grade)
    • CVD Reactor Performance Improvement
    • STC Converter Performance Improvement
  • Consulting Services focused on solving specific problems raised during design, start-up or operation.
  • Integrated solutions with modular equipments and tailored process design to reduce capital and energy consumption, for PV and EG processes
  • Close cooperation with qualified EPC companies during detail engineering execution and construction.
  • Training
  • Commissioning, start-up and operations support