Flash Reactor and Drier

The Flash system technology for reaction and drying is an advanced technology developed by the VRV R&D department for multiple applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Operating with a dynamic and turbulent thin layer of product and minimum contact times of the product with the walls, it can reach high temperature differences without deterioration of the product and elevated coefficient of thermal exchange due to conduction through the stator hot wall and convection through preheated flow of air or gas.

VRV designs and manufactures the below equipment types:

  • Flash Drier, dynamic thin layer centrifugal drier-granulator
  • EcoFlash, ecological version for municipal and industrial treatment of sludge
  • Flash Reactor, combined technology for mixing, reaction, drying and granulation

The process main characteristics and parameters are:

  • High reaction / drying efficiency
  • Short process time: 1÷10 min
  • Evaporation capacity: 50÷3000 Kg/h (water)
  • Residual humidity down to 0.1%
  • Heating temperature: up to 300°C
  • Granulometricrange: 5÷3000 micron

The Flash configuration can be:

  • Atmospheric (closed or open cycle)
  • Under vacuum
  • Under controlled/inert atmosphere (N2-CO2-SO2)

General Characteristics and Testing Room:

  • Flash Drier
  • EcoFlash
  • Flash Drier under Vacuum
  • Flash Reactor