Regeneration tower

  • Base material – Shell Side: SA 240 Tp.321
  • I.D. [mm]: 1,550/840
  • Tangent [mm]: 13,500
  • Thk [mm]: 20/15
  • Weight [ton]: 21
  • Quantity: 1

VRV provides the complete range of main equipment for the CCR platforming process according to Axens and other major licensors.

These are:

  • Platforming Reactor
  • Regenerator
  • Feed / Effluent Exchanger (Texas Tower)

and for Axens octanizing process, used to produce high-octane gasoline and hydrogen:

  • Octanizer Reactor
  • Regenerator
  • Catalyst Hoppers
  • Surge Drum
  • Reduction Chamber
  • Lift Pots
  • Washing Drum

One of the largest platforming reactor supplied by VRV was for the Dung Quat refinery in Vietnam, which was 55-meter long and weighed 145-ton.

Regenerators in 316L SS and Incoloy 825 materials were also supplied by VRV.