Steam Generator

  • Base material – Shell Side: SA 516 Gr.70
  • Tubes material: A 213 T11
  • Tubes no.: 206
  • Tubes size [mm] (Ø x Thk x Lg): 25.4×3.05×4,805
  • Weight [ton]: 25
  • Quantity: 1

The production of ammonia is based on proprietary technology by a number of licensors (Haldor Topsoe, Linde, ThyssenKrupp, KBR, Ammonia Casale) for which VRV is an approved vendor.
As to the equipment required in an ammonia production plant, VRV can supply the following range:


  • Ammonia Synthesis Converter Shell
  • Ammonia Synthesis Converter Cartridge (Basket)
  • Boiler Feed Water Heater
  • HP Synloop Heat Exchanger
  • Secondary Steam Reformer
  • Exchange Reformer (Haldor Topsoe license)

For the ammonia synthesis, VRV supplies proprietary technology items like the Ammonia Converter Internals (i.e. Baskets or Cartridges) to all main licensors of the ammonia process. These items are very sophisticated in the design and construction materials and require great expertise in the fabrication process. Since the late ’80s VRV has been supplying in excess of 60 Ammonia Converter Baskets to various licenses and designs with radial flow and single-bed, two-bed or the latest developed three-bed catalyst design.