VRV Ro-Ro LNG Fuel-Tank Trailers serve as a one-of-a-kind, roll-on roll-off LNG fuel supply system on a LNG-powered vessel. The vessel will be the world’s first pure dry cargo ship to use a roll-on roll-off LNG supply system and the first roll-on roll-off ferry in Australia to use LNG fuel for propulsion.

The LNG propulsion system does not use dedicated, on-board LNG tanks.  It uses state-of-the-art, VRV- built LNG Fuel-Tank Trailers that will “roll-on” when full to be connected to the drive system after being filled with LNG and “roll-off” to be refilled.
This unique project includes multiple 50,000-litre LNG Fuel-Tank Trailers built under strict compliance with the rules and regulations defining transport of dangerous goods by road and sea and the use of LNG as a fuel in maritime operations.

These LNG Fuel-Tank Trailers have been engineered and built at VRV’s Ornago facility in Italy.