Name: Easylox®
Product description: Liquid oxygen base unit for homecare use
Capacity: From 30 to 45 litres
Pressure range: 1.5 bar
Design codes: TPED 2010/35/EU
Approvals: 93/42/CE MDD

  • Multi-layer + vacuum super-insulation
  • High thickness stainless steel for external vessel
  • Universal filling procedure (both side and top)
  • Flow-range from 0 to 6 Ipm or from 0 to 15 in High Flow Version
  • 2 led level indicators: High-Technology and Long-Life
  • Rechargeable battery and optional acoustic alarm at low level with HT level indicator
  • More than 2 years battery life with LL level indicator
  • Both indicators with IP65 protection
  • Pressure indicator for good and fast filling
  • Quick or swivel connection for humidifying system
  • Standardized diameter for 30 and 45
  • Very easy to clean plastic parts in neutral colour
  • Incorporated condensate sliding box
  • Big push-button for easy removal of mobile unit
  • Easily movable with practical roller base with brakes