Name: Cryostoc Series (BR 2048, BR 2100, BR 2150, BR 2200, SD 400, SD 600, SD 1000, SD 1450, SD 1800, SD 2800)

Product description: Cryogenic storage for straws, vials and blood bags

Capacity: From 48 to 2,800 litres

Pressure range: Atmospheric pressure

Design Temperature: -196°C

Approvals: 93/42/EEC medical devices, Certified GOST for Russia

Insulation: Multi-layer vacuum super-insulation

Storage: Vials, straws or blood bags, Customized storing systems possible, Storage possible in liquid, vapour or dry phase

Safety: Possibility to be equipped with electronics for safe use, for control of temperature, nitrogen level, auto-fill function and alarms