Name: Cryostoc Series (LO 2075, LO 2200, LO 2250, BF 2110, BF 2350, BF 2600, CD 25, CD 45, CD60, CD 90, CF 170, CF 230, CF 350, CF 400)

Product description: Cryobiological storages, Storage possible in liquid, vapour and dry phase

Capacity: From 75 to 600 litres

Pressure range: No pressure

Design Temperature: -196°C

Approvals: 93/42/EEC medical devices, Certified GOST for Russia

Insulation: Multi-layer super-insulation under vacuum super-insulation

Storage: Vials, straws or blood bags, Customized storing systems possible, Storage possible in liquid, vapour or dry phase

Safety: Possibility to be equipped with electronics for safe use, for control of temperature, nitrogen level, auto-fill function and alarms