Name: XRP®, RBP®, Cryoroll®, Cryostock®, Cryotrans®

Product description: Low pressure Cryogenic tank for LIN, LOX, LAR

Capacity: From 60L to 600 litres

Application: Transport Cryostock, Cryoroll, Cryotrans and Static : XRP , RBP

Pressure range: From 1,5b to 3,9 bar

Design Temperature: -196°C

Approvals: EN, PED, TPED, ADR, certified for Russia

Insulation: Multi-layer and high vacuum (super-insulation)

Materials used: Stainless steel Inner and outer vessel

Piping arrangement: All stainless steel pipework and valves

The equipment includes : Pressure build up device, safety relief devices for the outer and inner vessel, complete plumbing arrangement for normal functioning