CRYO DIFFUSION Cryobank is a complete system that automatically and securely manages your cryobiological storage samples, including traceability of the storage conditions.

Its modular conception is very flexible and that allows to be matched with all customer’s needs. CRYO DIFFUSION proposes a turnkey service, including development of the premises, manufacturing and installation of all components, tests, training, phone support and maintenance. VRV will assist you with the specifications of your installation to give you the benefit of his fifty years’ experience in the cryogenic storage.

The following functions are available:

  • Automation of the supply line in liquid nitrogen, emergency stop, degassing of the line, level supervision and pressure of the liquid nitrogen tank
  • Control and display of the oxygen rate. Monitoring of the ventilation and of the  alarms
  • Supervision of the levels, the temperatures of the cryobiological storage system of   any brand and recording of the data to ensure the traceability of storage conditions
  • Automatic filling of the cryo tanks with protection of overflowing
  • Control of the access to the premises
  • Video supervision of the premises to ensure safety
  • Remote access to the supervision by secured access through internet

The system is based on:

  • An interactive automation managing the main functions and the alarms
  • Software ensuring the supervision and the surveillance of the good working of the automation
  • A database installed in a PC with double hard disk

The Automation S300 smartPLC ®

An interactive automation assures all the basic functions: oxygen level, management of the supply in liquid nitrogen, synchronization of the fillings of cryo tanks and management of the acoustics and visual alarms and transmission by SMS, vocal announcement or by e-mail. Dewars of all major brands are piloted by the S170 that allows it to:

  • Measure and transmit the temperature and the liquid nitrogen levels
  • Manage and transmit the alarms in case of overtaking the fixed thresholds
  • Manage the automatic filling

The software is made of different modules which present various features. Display of the installation and all the parameters of real-time operations for:

  • Every tank (level, temperature, alarms, state of the solenoid valve of filling, position of the lid)
  • The Dewars of liquid nitrogen and the transfer line (nitrogen level, pressure, temperature of the line)
  • Oxygen level, speed of ventilation
  • Control of the access by badges and representation of the persons present in the premises
  • Remote access by the other PC on the internal network or via Intranet by a secure link
  • Supervision or remote maintenance
  • A database stores the history of all information